Fitness Professional Education

dedicated to delivering workshops and trainings for fitness professionals looking to level up their expertise

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Instructor Trainings and Certifications

Share your passion for fitness and start leading group fitness classes now with a variety of online courses and live workshops

Dance Fitness

Lead cardio-based dance fitness workouts and access hundreds of choreographed routines 

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Barre Fitness

Be an in-demand barre fitness instructor with ongoing resources to keep your classes fresh and effective

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Take your career to new heights and lead the latest fitness craze: bounce workouts on and off the trampoline

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Our goal is to make your job as a fitness professional easier and more enjoyable. We provide the tools to take your career to the next level.

Benefits of our Training

Go at your own pace. Review parts that need extra attention and refresh over time.

Lifetime Access means you can repeat the course at any time as well as access our choreography libraries forever! No monthly or yearly fees!

Bonus content only available online: additional course material and more

LIVE & On Demand Workouts

LiveĀ local pop-ups + our demand workouts


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